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Instructions, tips, and walkthrough videos to help you migrate to TeamPassword.

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Migrating your organization from TeamsID to TeamPassword can be done in four easy steps. We've outlined each step below with instructions, tips, and walkthrough videos.

It's important to note that your organization will continue to have access to TeamsID until February 9, 2024, when TeamsID will be shut down. Or until an organization admin tells us to delete the organization's account.

Step One: Prepare for Migration

  1. Choose who will conduct the migration.

    • Only one person can initiate the migration. This person must be an organization admin.

    • All records shared with a team will be migrated.

    • The migration will include the migrator's personal records in their "My Records" vault, so you may want the admin with the most "My Records" initiate the migration.

  2. Add records "Shared with users" to a team.

    The migration tool only brings over records that are shared on a team, and/or those shared with the person performing the migration. A record will not automatically migrate if it is: not on a team, and/or not shared with the person performing the migration. EVERY user should add records "Shared with users" to a team.

    • Members cannot create a team, so an organization admin may want to create one or more Teams for members to add these records to.

    • The only way to do this is to go into each "Shared with users" record individually and add it to a team. When "Shared with users" has 0 records, you're ready for migration.

Step Two: Migrate Groups, Users, and Records

  1. Initiate the Migration

    Click the "Migrate to TeamPassword now" link in the banner on TeamsID or go to your organization settings and click "Migrate to TeamPassword."

  2. Create a TeamPassword Account

    • Your Master Password is something you cannot forget. You may want to write it down and save it somewhere safe!

    • The person initiating the migration will become the organization owner in TeamPassword. This can be changed after the migration is complete.

    • Creating an account starts a free trial. Billing is done in Step Four.

  3. Conduct the Migration!

    The migration tool will automatically bring data over. It's important to check the data and unselect any that you do not want to migrate over. If you want all the data to migrate, leave them checked. There will be a confirmation button after each step is completed. Click "Next" to move to the next stage.

    Some steps may show a loading icon. This means that the application is busy transferring the data. You can move to another tab, but DO NOT close the tab. Closing the tab will stop the migration and you will need to start over.

    If you encounter an error during the migration, contact us at [email protected]. Please provide the stage of migration and any error message that you received.

Step Three: Subscribe to TeamPassword

BEFORE subscribing to TeamPassword, please contact [email protected] to tell us that you've completed the migration and are at the billing step. That way, we can:

  • Apply time remaining on your TeamsID subscription as a credit to your TeamPassword account.

  • Send you any applicable coupons to use at checkout.

  • Add specific information you require on your invoice to your account before your invoice is created (business address, VAT, etc.).

We can do these steps retroactively, but it is easier for everyone if it's done before you subscribe.

TeamPassword costs $5 per user/month or $50 per user/year. Simply choose your plan term, the number of seats you need, and enter your billing details.

Step Four: Transfer Personal Records

Unfortunately, this is a manual process. There's no way around it. Each user will receive instructions on how to manually migrate their personal records from TeamsID to TeamPassword via email after they accept the invitation to join the organization's TeamPassword account and create their account.

There are two methods users can use: (1) copy/paste or (2) CSV.

And that's it! Four steps for faster, more reliable, and easier password management.

Need Help? Contact Support!

We have live customer support from 9:30 EST - 7:30 EST, Monday-Friday (except US holidays). Not working during those hours? Leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

You can reach us by:

  • Intercom chat bubble in the bottom right of your TeamPassword or TeamsID app

  • Here:

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