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How to Import Records using a CSV
How to Import Records using a CSV

How to find the import tool, prepare your CSV, and import records either as shared or private

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1. Locate the Import Tool


  • Click your avatar in the top right

  • Under Manage Teams, click [organization name]

  • In the left-hand menu, click Import Records


  • Click your avatar in the top right

  • Under Your Account, click Settings

  • In the left-hand menu, click Import Records

2A. Download template for login credentials/standard records

  1. Click Download Template, or Import Web Logins with CSV then Download Example

  2. Open this CSV in Sheets or Excel

2B. Download template for credit cards

  1. Click Import Credit Cards with CSV, then Download Example

  2. Open this CSV in Sheets or Excel

3. Format and organize your CSV

These steps are the same for credit cards and standard records

Copy and paste your data into this template, or adjust your own CSV so that the columns exactly match those of the template.

A few things to note while formatting your CSV:

  1. Shared records cannot be made private later. If you want to import a record as Private, be sure to leave the Organization and Group fields for that record blank.

  2. Admins can create new groups during the import process. Members cannot. Attempting to do so will result in the import getting stuck.

  3. Records can be shared to a maximum of 3 groups during import. Once imported and in your vault, you can share records to any number of groups.

Filling out the CSV

  • When "group" has a value, the record is shared to the specified group. A new group will be created if it doesn’t exist.

    • Note: Only admins can create new groups

  • When "organization" has a value and "group" is blank, the record will be shared to your entire organization.

  • When "organization" and "group" are blank, the record will be imported to your Private records. Once imported, you can share the record if you wish.


  • Record 1 is imported to your Private records, since organization and group are blank.

  • Record 2 is shared to your entire organization

  • Record 3 is shared to the Marketing and Sales groups in your organization

3. Import the CSV

Now that your records are properly organized, download the sheet as a .CSV file.

  • In TeamPassword, click Import Web Logins with CSV or Import Credits Cards with CSV

  • The Bulk Importer will pop up. If you're not seeing this screen, check your site pop-up settings

    • Click the symbol to the left of the URL bar

    • Click Site settings

    • Scroll down to Pop-ups and redirects, and select Allow

    • Reload the import page to apply the settings

  • Step 1 helps you prepare your CSV by explaining supported columns.

  • Upload your CSV in Step 2. You'll see a preview of your records - make sure everything looks good so far.

  • Step 3 asks you to check that all columns are matched correctly. Scroll horizontally to see all the columns.

  • ​Step 4 is where you click Import Data!

Please wait while your data is imported. This may take a while when importing a large number of records.

Once you see the green confirmation that the import is complete, go ahead and close the importer.

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