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For easier access you can sort the view on your dashboard.

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Your records can be sorted using the options in the dropdown menu of your dashboard. Here are the different views available:

All Records

  • The All Records view shows all records of the organizations and groups that a user belongs to.

Web Logins

  • The Web Logins view will only show web logins and filter out credit cards.

Credit Cards

  • The Credit Cards view will only show credit cards and filter out web logins.


  • The Private view will only show your private records.


  • The Favorites view will show records that have been set as a Favorite. This view can include shared and private records.

Overdue Reminders

  • The Overdue Reminders view will show records with an expired Reminder.

Whole Organization

  • The Whole Organization view will show you all the records for your Organization. If you are part of multiple organizations, you can select the specific organization to see all of its records.

  • Groups in an Organization are distinguished by the hyphen next to the group name.

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