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Lost or forgotten master password
Lost or forgotten master password

What to do if you are don't remember/forgot your master password

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Are you an organization Owner? Please contact Support for assistance before using the Account Removal Tool.

Question: I’ve forgotten my master password and cannot log in. Can someone from support help me reset my password?

Answer: If your master password has been lost or forgotten, you must use our account removal tool to start fresh. If you cannot remember your master password, this tool will remove your old account so that any of your account admins can send you a fresh invitation. Doing this after removing your old account will allow you to create a new password when you receive the new invitation.

Why your password can’t be reset

When you first set up your account, your account is encrypted in a way that can only be decrypted by your master password, ensuring that you (and you alone) have access. This approach ensures that no one else — including TeamPassword Support — can access your account. For this reason, if your password is lost, Support won’t be able to reset it or recover your data.

Starting fresh

If you are sure that you have forgotten your master password, removing your account will allow you to receive a new invitation using your primary email address (if you desire). 

How to avoid losing your password

When setting up a new account, be sure to use a strong, memorable master password and store a physical copy of your password in a safe and secure place.

Are you seeing this screen?

Don't panic. This is a 15 minute "ban". If you believe you may still remember your password, wait 15 minutes and try again.


  • You are the owner of your organization

  • You are the only user on your organization

  • You are the only admin on your organization

Instead, contact support and describe your issue.

WARNING: The Account Removal Tool will permanently delete all your private records. Shared logins will still remain shared within your team.

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