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How To Change a User's Role / Description of Roles
How To Change a User's Role / Description of Roles

Change a user's permission level and learn what each role can do

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There are three roles currently available: Member, Admin, and Owner.

NOTE: We recommend having at least two admins on your team at all times. If the owner should leave or an admin loses access, security features may make it difficult for us to escalate the permissions of a member.

Admins and Owners can make role changes through the Manage Teams settings.

  1. Click your email in the top right and select your team under Manage Teams

  2. In the People tab, click the Edit button to the right of the user you want to change.

  3. Select the Permission Level and save the changes:

Owners cannot be removed from the organization. Ownership has to be transferred to another user first. When the ownership change has been confirmed, the former owner will now be listed as an Admin.

Description of roles

Member: Can access passwords for Groups they are in and create passwords in these Groups. They can also modify any logins shared with them and share logins with the groups they're in. If a member is not in a group, they can't see/edit those logins, and will not know they exist.

Admin: Everything a member can do, plus they can create Groups, add other people to Groups, and invite people to and remove people from the team. Admins can also handle administrative tasks like updating billing information, reviewing account activity, and downloading invoices from the admin section.

Owner: Same permissions as Admins and Members. Owners cannot be removed from an organization. If your Owner has left and the role has not been transferred to another member, please contact Support for additional help.

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