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TeamPassword Mobile App
TeamPassword Mobile App

Get started on TeamPassword's mobile app

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The Mobile App for TeamPassword gives you access to your logins from your phone.

This guide will demonstrate:

  • How to start using the mobile app

  • Which functions are not available in the mobile app

  • How to find your OS version

How to start using the mobile app

Open Google Play (Android) or The App Store (iOS) and search for "TeamPassword."

Tap "Install." When it is finished installing, tap "Open."

Logging in

If you do not have SSO enabled, you will need to enter your email and Master Password

If you have enabled Google SSO, you can tap "Sign in with Google," which will redirect you to a page where you can choose which Google account to use.

You are now ready to use the mobile app!

Navigating the app

From the dashboard, tap on the "View: All Logins" button to sort your logins by group. You can also tap the + symbol to add a new login.

Tap on a login to bring up the details:

Tapping "Settings" will bring up the password generator settings, which affect how the password generator functions when editing or creating a login.

Which functions are not available in the mobile app

What the mobile app CANNOT do:

  • Import or Export logins

  • Enable or disable SSO

  • Change Master Password

  • Show or Add to Favorites

  • (Admins and Owners) Manage or Create Teams

These actions will need to be done through your browser.

How to find your OS version

When troubleshooting issues with the app, we may ask what version OS your phone is running in order to better understand compatibility issues you may be having.


Settings > About phone


Settings > General > About

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