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How to disable browser autofill to prevent conflicts with TeamPassword accounts

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Having your browser set to “autofill” or “autocomplete password forms” can cause you to see the wrong shared account information, or worse, overwriting the shared information with the browser autofill when you edit an account.

If you decide to use password autofilling with your browser, don’t forget to prevent your browser from autofilling TeamPassword. Of course, we always recommend not storing passwords in your browser for security and collaboration reasons.

How to disable password autofilling by browser:

Chrome Support

  • Delete saved passwords for TeamPassword

  • Turn off "Offer to save your web passwords"

  • Add TeamPassword to the exceptions list

  • Uncheck "Remember logins for sites"

  • Remove TeamPassword from the autofill list

  • Disable "Autofill Web Forms" / "User names and passwords"

  • Follow steps for "To turn off password sharing"

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