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TeamPassword Browser Extensions
TeamPassword Browser Extensions

Install extensions/add-ons for Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox

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Links to the browser extensions are found in the bottom left of your TeamPassword dashboard:

Or use these links:


Installing on Chrome/Edge/Chromium-based browsers (Brave etc.)

  1. Open the TeamPassword extension page in the Chrome web store.

  2. Click Get, then Allow/Add when your browser asks if you're sure you want to install the extension.

Pin the extension so that you can easily access it during your workflow

To pin the TeamPassword extension on Chrome:

  • Click the extension icon

  • Click the Pin icon next to TeamPassword so it's blue

The extension will now always be visible in your toolbar.

To pin the TeamPassword extension in Edge:

  • Click the extension icon, then the eye symbol. The TeamPassword extension icon will appear in your toolbar

Installing the TeamPassword Firefox Extension

  1. Open the Firefox extension link in your Firefox browser

  2. If the installation does not start automatically, click click here.

  3. Choose Continue to Installation in the window that pops up

  4. Click Add

Installing the TeamPassword Safari Extension

  1. Open the app store link to the TeamPassword extension, or click Safari in the top left of your browser, then Extensions, then search for TeamPassword.

2. Download the extension - you'll need to enter your device authentication.

It may offer to redirect you to the page to turn it on. Alternatively, click Safari, Settings, select the Extensions tab, and check the box next to TeamPassword Safari Extension.

At this time, the extension cannot be opened on the new tab page. You must be on a URL.

Troubleshooting extension problems

If the extension is not working properly, the first thing to try is reinstalling.

  1. Right-click the TeamPassword extension icon and click "remove from [browser]" or "remove extension." On Safari, you'll right-click/two-finger click, select Manage Extension, then Uninstall.

  2. Follow instructions for whichever browser you're using to reinstall the extension.

If this does not resolve the issue, reach out to us at [email protected] with a detailed description of the issue.

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