If you need to import your passwords, please make sure to export your current passwords and follow the steps below. 


 Import to TeamPassword

Preparing your CSV

  • Copy your CSV file to the spreadsheet but leave Column A blank and keep the headers.

  • You will have to create a title for each one of your passwords and BE SURE THAT YOU ADD A COMMA AFTER EACH ENTRY. This Title will be used to search in TeamPassword so make sure this relates to your entry.

Copying Data

  • Go back to the import data page and click on Step 2: Copy Prepared data

  • Copy the full contents of the spreadsheet and paste into this window.

Verifying Data

  • Click on Step 3: Verify and Manage Sharing.

  • Here you can check to make sure all of your contents has properly been placed.

  • If the data is incorrect, you can either manually change the entries or go back and edit the CSV.

Please contact support for any additional help. 

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