Here are the instructions on how to import your passwords from other password managers using a CSV file.

Please note: You have to be an admin in order to create new groups.

Click on your avatar in the upper right corner and under Your Account, select Settings:

In the menu on the left, select Import Accounts:

The Import Records page has detailed instructions on how the data in your CSV should be arranged and also includes an example template. When you're ready, click the Import CSV button:

The Bulk Importer will pop up. If you're not seeing this screen, please make sure to check your pop-up settings.

The first page shows a description of supported columns. Use this to prepare your CSV how you'd like. When ready, click Next Step.

Upload your CSV. Once uploaded, you'll see a preview.

Please note: If you are not an admin, you will be unable to create new groups during this process. Attempting to do so will result in the importer getting stuck trying to import your records.

The next screen asks you to check the mapping for the different fields in your file. If everything looks good, click Next Step. This immediately begins importing your records.

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